Church and town exchange property in Greenleaf

The town of Wrightstown and St. Paul Lutheran Church are exchanging property that allows the town hall to be located on town property instead of partially on church property.

By Brian Roebke
An exchange of small parcels of land between the Town of Wrightstown and St. Paul Lutheran Church were approved at last week’s town meeting.
Surveyor Steve Zeitler told supervisors when the lines were drawn for the proposed village incorporation, they found the existing town hall building was located on church property by about one foot.
The town needs to acquire that property, behind the town hall building, and would like to give up some current property between the town hall and church to balance the transaction.
The acreage of the exchange is .04 acres, with the town deeding 14×123 feet to the church and the church deeding 20×86 feet to the town.
Town Chairman Bill Verbeten said when the town moved the hall back from the road, they contacted the church and swapped land so it could be done, but nothing was recorded.
“It’s in the minutes that we decided to do it,” he said.
When the church checked their abstract, they found the building was right on the lot line and the town hall was on their property.
“It’s good to do that,” Zeitler said. “Sooner or later it catches up with you.”
The church approved the exchange prior to Zeitler bringing it to the town board.