Plan commission considers naming Highway U

Brian Roebke photo
Concrete walls are forming the outside of SD Wheel, a new business under construction on Highway U in Wrightstown. The business has requested the village give the highway a street name.

By Brian Roebke
Everyone in Wrightstown knows where County Highway U is, one of the main entrances into the village, but the name is rather sterile.
With Wrightstown’s increased industrial activity in that corridor, there is some interest in giving the road an additional name. The road would still continue to be Highway U, but one new business under construction would have an address that sounds more metropolitan than the rather rural sounding Highway U.
Thus, Enthusiast Way is one of the possible names set forth by SD Wheel, a new business under construction.
Village Administrator Travis Coenen said the naming must go from intersection to intersection, so the name could go from Interstate 41 to Broadway Street or Highway 96.
“Once it’s been identified, it could be either County U or whatever name we come up with,” Coenen said, referring to a question about U.S. Postal Service addressing.
Plan commission and village board member Dan Segerstrom noted nobody currently with an address can keep it and not go through the inconvenience of having to change their address.
Coenen asked plan commission members to give him any ideas they have, and noted the village board would discuss it at their next meeting.
The only restriction is to avoid names that are the same as or similar to other addresses in Brown or Outagamie counties.
Segerstrom noted when the new bridge was built in Wrightstown, the connection from Highway 96 to Highway ZZ needed to be named, and the village came up with County MW in recognition of the Mueller Wright house.
Plan Commission Chair Terry Schaeuble pondered considering “Brownagamie” since the road splits the two counties.