FFA members bring furry creatures to school board meeting

School board member Sarah Hock receives one of the rabbits her daughter Madeline is using for her agriscience project this year from FFA adviser Brian Pinchart.

By Brian Roebke
Brian Pinchart, adviser of the Wrightstown High School FFA, brought five students with him to last week’s board of education meeting with several fuzzy rabbits.
It was a welcome change after they brought rats — in a cage — to the meeting where the club shows board members some of what they do.
Vice President Madeline Hock noted she did her project last year on rats. Brianne Arndt was her partner and they took first place in the state.
“I really enjoy agriscience fair projects,” she said. “I wish I would have started them sooner.”
This year her project is on rabbits, giving them different energy sources to see the affect they have on the weight of their litter.
The feeds are sunflower seeds, calf-manna, and regular bunny pellets.
“I’m really excited about this project and hopefully COVID gets better and I’ll be able to actually present at state, not just submit a paper,” she said.
Arndt’s project is growing forage barley and investigating the different organic sources of nitrogen and seeing how they work with the barley.
Jordan Owen and Holly Barta did a project on barley last year that saw them win state and go to nationals, but they couldn’t go because of the virus.
This year’s agriscience fair project is on whether people prefer bottled milk in a jug or in glass and if there’s a difference in taste.
To promote healthy habits, Maddie Wolske is doing a mask event, showing who’s wearing FFA masks on a slide show.
“It was a nice way to get FFA members to interact and get their opinion,” she said.
The girls spoke about how much they enjoy competing in events, and they were recently told there will be a state event, but they don’t know the format yet.