Wrightstown High School Forensics team advances all members to WHSFA district

Submitted photo
Lauren Broman, Megan Centeno, Kendra Brandl, Ethan Anderson had entries in this year’s Wisconsin High School Forensic district festival.

A year ago, the forensics team was denied the opportunity to earn a fourth consecutive Wisconsin High School Forensic Association Excellence in Speech Award when the season was abruptly cancelled due to COVID-19. This year, the team resumes its quest in a virtual setting.  
While the WHSFA has traditionally limited teams to 25 entries, all caps were eliminated this season with competition occurring virtually. Wrightstown entered 37 entries, and everyone advanced to district.
By category, the team’s WHSFA entries include Farrago: Anna Voster; Impromptu Speaking: Kendra Brandl and Lauren Broman; Informative Speaking: Ethan Anderson, Gabby Beining, Emily Biese, Paige Gilson, Morgan Hussin, Amber Radtke, Olivia Sewell, Abby Van Zeeland, Autumn Vann, Lili Vande Walle; Moments in History: Megan Centeno, Ethan Meulemans, Stella Theunis; Oratory: Lauren Bro-man; Play Acting: Bryn Donovan and Heidi Warnecke, Autumn Smet and Anna Voster; Poetry: Emilio Anguiano-Ehnerd, Kendra Brandl, Hanna Finer, Kaitlyn Rohan, Stella Theunis; Prose: Kaitlyn Rohan, Rachael Rozmar-enoski, Audrey Schaum-berg, Ella Van Zeeland; Solo Acting Serious: Dylan Christensen, Tanis Gee; Special Occasion Speech: Cale Adrian, Haley Krook, Maggie Mattson, Autumn Smet, Grace Taylor, Leah Warnecke; Story-telling: Jallissa Vanden Heuvel.
Top Sub-district performers included Dylan Christensen 25-25-25, Lauren Broman (oratory) 25-25-24, Kaitlyn Rohan (prose) 25-24-25, Kendra Brandl (impromptu) 25-24-24, Hanna Finer 25-25-23, Autumn Smet & Anna Voster 25-25-23, Jallissa Vanden Heuvel 23-25-25, Audrey Schaumberg 23-24-25, Lauren Broman (impromptu) 23-24-24, and Tanis Gee 23-24-24.
Team members will record new videos of their performances to submit for the virtual WHSFA District Festival later in March.