Clancy’s final meeting as Holland Town Clerk ends with a party

Brian Roebke photos
Bill Clancy, serving his final meeting as the Town of Holland Clerk after 56 years of service to the town, received a framed town zoning map from 1967 from longtime town attorney Jim Sickel at last week’s town meeting, held at Van Abel’s of Holland. Clancy was first elected to town government in 1967.

By Brian Roebke
About a hundred people came out to the April meeting of the Town of Holland board of supervisors, but they weren’t there to ask for a culvert, complain about the landfill, or ask for a variance.
They were there to salute Town Clerk Bill Clancy, serving at the last meeting of his 56-year tenure as a town official. Clancy decided not to run for re-election this year.
Upon the suggestion of Town Chairman Mike Smits, Clancy received a standing ovation and several long rounds of applause for 55 years of service to the community, both on the Brown County Board of Supervisors and the Town of Holland.
Longtime town attorney Jim Sickel presented Clancy with a framed town zoning map from 1967 with the inscription, “In recognition of 56 years of service. William “Bill” Clancy, clerk for the town of Holland. April 4, 1967, to April 5, 2023.”
Sickel said Clancy is probably the oldest serving clerk in the state but he hasn’t been able to prove it.
Sickel noted Clancy has taken phone calls from him as the town clerk, administrator, dog catcher, and everything else during his 26 years of working with the town.
“The hundreds of calls that he gets, this town has one staff member. It’s that man,” Sickel said. “He would be the first to admit, it is the Clancy clerkship because they all answer the call.”
Sickel’s impressed with how Bill’s children have helped him over the years keeping the town in wonderful shape as well as providing services to the town.
“It is truly a family affair,” Sickel said.
When Clancy had his turn to speak he said it’s been a pleasure but there was something missing in the Alley Room at Van Abel’s of Hollandtown, where the board has met since the COVID-19 pandemic began. “I miss the two mice that should be on this plaque,” he said, referring to the critters that gave everyone a side show at the town meetings in the old town hall in Askeaton.
“I would like to thank the board and the previous boards,” the octogenarian said. “To have fun, it’s great. When everybody’s bitching at you, it ain’t great.”
He’s happy the community understands and those who move in are the same as the people who were there before them. “We don’t give out priorities,” he said.
He thanked his family for helping him get it right.
“Thank you again and sit down,” he quipped.
However, Town Supervisor Mike Geiger didn’t sit down, since he had a plaque from the Wisconsin Towns Association in recognition for Clancy for serving as town clerk for 56 years with diligence, honesty, and integrity.
After that was over, Smits introduced the town’s new clerk, Ellen (Schmidt) Hubers, who was born and raised in Hollandtown.
“I know it’s going to take a lot to fill Bill’s shoes but I’m going to do my best,” she said.
The evening concluded with a party in Clancy’s honor in the back bar at Van Abel’s.