Town of Wrightstown asked to consider selling Follett Street

Brian Roebke photo
Vita Plus and Cornette Farm Supply would like to build a new storage garage and would like the Town of Wrightstown to vacate Follett Street for the safety of everyone involved since there will be increased cross traffic after the garage is built.

By Brian Roebke
Vita Plus and Cornette Farm Supply would like the Town of Wrightstown to vacate a portion of Follett Street for the safety of everyone working at the company as well as drivers using the street.
That news was the most important news given at the town’s February meeting, held at the town hall in Greenleaf.
The company would like the town to sell the portion of the street from Highway 96 to Klaus Street.
“There’s a lot of traffic that flies through there, driving through the parking lot and turning toward 57” Town Chairman Bill Verbeten said at the meeting.
The town would need to have an easement on the utilities underground or the utilities could conceivably be moved out off the property.
“There have been roads sold by different municipalities,” he said.
Zoning Administrator Richard Gerbers said the City of De Pere has previously given roads to St. Norbert College for no cost.
Verbeten said the Town of Brillion has also vacated roads, but Verbeten is not in favor of donating the road.
The company wants to build a storage garage on the other side of the street and they are concerned that through traffic will be a safety hazard. In addition, sometimes there are trucks parked on the side of the road that makes passing through them difficult.
Supervisors will talk to officials in other municipalities to get an idea on the value of the road and Verbeten will tell Vita Plus and Cornette Farm Supply the town is open to the idea.
Yvonne Deyo of Deyo Disposal sent a note to the town they are running out of carts for the town but with the village separating out of the town, supervisors decided to wait on ordering replacements, since the dumpsters are marked with the municipality.
There was also some question about how many carts are left.
The town of Wrightstown is looking at the month of May for an election for officials for the new Village of Greenleaf.
However, there are several things that need to fall into place for that to happen.
Supervisors decided to purge town records per the state schedule that means they may need a dumpster or paper recycler, especially since the town will be moving to the new building next door.
Gerbers has more than 20 years of records that he found most of them can be tossed.
Ginny Hinz, the town’s financial adviser, told the board the town board the sanitary district received a gold star award from the state for reporting since they were the first to file their financial statements with the Department of Administration.